PM-KISAN: Reality of payments to farmers, Many of them still await!

While many farmers have got "all the due money" under PM-KISAN, crores of farmers are still waiting for the money in their bank account. Many farmers have confusion regarding how many installments they have got?

Govt of India launched the PM-KISAN scheme in Feb 2019. In this scheme, govt promised to provide 500rs per month to farmer’s bank account in three equal installments of Rs 2000(of four months) in a year starting from 1st Dec 2019. This announcement was made very close to the Loksabha election 2019. Govt pushed all its machinery for faster implementation of the scheme. It also succeeded to credit first installments of Rs 2000 to few crore farmers by 1st week of March 2019. Due to the election rush, money for the first two installments was credited in farmers’ bank account without much verification (even the name on AADHAR card was not matched with bank accounts). Even then, various farmers who registered on the portal couldn’t get the prescribed money due to wrong IFSC, account no or AADHAR was entered in the system mostly by govt officials working on the same. To remove such difficulty, govt later started online registration and correction of details through CSC and self on PM-KISAN portal. Govt also wanted to make AADHAR matching mandatory with Bank account details for 3rd installments due for period Aug19-Nov19 but various states govt showed the inability to do that verification process in a short time. Further govt relaxed that and made AADHAR verification mandatory for Dec19-March 2020 onwards.

This verification identified a mismatch in the name on the bank account, registered name on the portal, and AADHAR card thus payments to crores of farmers were stopped again. However, govt allowed them to get it corrected and promised to give due money for all periods since their registration date on the portal.

Govt also clarified on the portal that farmers will get all installments for the period they registred on the portal but will not get the money of the period before that. For example, a farmer registering on the portal on 15 August 2019, wouldn’t get money for Dec18-March19 and Apr19-July 19 but would get all further installments of Rs 200.

However, this clause is not widely known to all farmers. There has been huge lack of awareness regarding this rule. This has resulted in farmers waiting for all five installments(Dec18-March19, Apr19-Jul19, Aug19-Nov19, Dec19-Marc20, Apr20-July20) released by govt of India.

The district and state-wise report shown on the PMKISAN portal was not clear, it only talks about how many farmers received how many installments ie. One, Two, Three, or Four. This leads to further confusion as it didn’t talk about the registration period or the money given for which period.

The beneficiary status under the farmers' corner on the PMKISAN website shows the date of registration and status of the amount credited in the bank in a more clear way, still, it doesn’t tell about the time period of installments. From the date of registration mentioned in that portal, the farmer can know whether they have got all due payments or not by entering their AADHAR/account/mobile number.

Example 1:

Here Registration date of the farmer is 21st Feb 2019 which lies in the period of Dec18-March 19 so he/she is eligible to get all five installments till July 2020 and also got it.
Example 2:

We can see that registration date is 25th July 2019 which lies in the period of Apr19-July19 so he/she is eligible for only four installments(April-Jul19, Jul-Nov19, Dec19-March20, and Apr-Jul20) and also got it so he/she should not wait for any more installment till 31st July 2020.

Due to this unclarity and lack of awareness regarding the registration date clause, various reports in media were published citing fewer farmers getting money as scheme passes.

Recently, govt has added one more report page on the PMKISAN portal which mentioned the registration period and period of installment for which farmers were paid.

This removes much viral confusion. The above picture clearly shows, with time, more farmers are added to schemes and eligible amounts have been credited to most of them. As of 29th June 2020, 8.46 crore farmers have got money due for Dec19-March20. In the lockdown period for which govt announced to frontload the installment, 8.41crore farmers have got Rs 2000 in their bank account for Apr-July 2020 period so far.

If one looks carefully on Dec19-March20, one find number of payment is reduced from the earlier period significantly. This is mostly due to the failure of AADHAR verification which was made mandatory this period onwards. There are lacs of farmers who have stopped getting money after Nov 2019 due to the mismatch of AADHAR. However, their bank account gets credited, after the correction of the name or AADHAR number. We may look at the below picture as an example no 3:

Although the farmer’s registered date is 25th Feb 2019, he had stopped getting money after three installmentsAug-Nov19) as his name on the portal was not matching with AADHAR card. He did correct his name as per AADHAR card on 13th Feb 2020 and then he has received pending installments of Dec19-March20 and Apr-Jul20 . Now he has no pending money from PMKISAN.

Still, there are lacs of farmers whose details have not been corrected as they may not have access to correct it through portal/CSC. Govt has launched a campaign to correct details of such farmers in April-may month. Let’s hope all eligible farmers get their details corrected as soon as possible and get their due amount in the bank account.

As per the answer given in parliament on 3rd March 2020, the number of farmers registered in different periods as below:

Dec18-Mar19: 4,74,41,372 farmers were added on the portal which was the pre-election period.

Apr19-Jul19: 3,08,41,178 new farmers were registered on portal after the election period.

Aug19-Nov19: Another set of 1,20,29,592 farmers have been added in this period for PM Kisan scheme.

Dec19-Mar20 (ongoing as on 3rd march 2020): PM KISAN scheme does see new registration of 72,96,779 farmers till 3rd march 2020.

By looking above and data available on the recent report portal, we can calculate fairly on how many % of farmers across India, registered till 31st Nov 2019 have got their due installments.

This shows that more than 80% of farmers across all the registration periods have got all the installments for which they were eligible. AADHAR verification was started in the Dec19-Mar20 period mentioned in green, indicating a sharp decline in payment due to AADHAR mismatch.

There are still a lot of farmers(about 67 lac across India as on 21st June) not getting the money due to the wrong details. If you come across such farmers kindly help them to get it corrected on the portal or through CSC. If details entered on the portal are not eligible for correction, then the farmer may register as a new beneficiary on the portal.

As per govt estimates of landholding, India has 14.5crore farmers holding land. So far around 9.96 crores have got registered under PMKISAN. More than 4.5 crores of farmers across India are still out of the PMKISAN scheme. Among these, 4.5 crores, 75lac farmers are from West Bengal alone as state govt have denied being part of this central scheme. There seems to be a lack of awareness, the inefficiency of govt machinery, lack of access to the internet for the remaining 3.75 crore farmers, yet to be covered in this scheme. Youth migrated to cities for education and job etc, may help their parents or family members back in villages to get registered in this scheme as they have easy access to the internet or CSC.

We hope that this article does remove most of the confusion one has regarding the real status of the PMKISAN scheme in India.