India need additional 17lac qualified teachers in Higher Education: Depth Analysis

As per AISHE 2015-16, Student to faculty ratio in Colleges & Universities of India is 21 only considering regular mode students. MHRD is trying hard to improve this ratio for Higher Education and by recruiting qualified teachers(i.e. Assistant Professors). But after detecting 1.3lac ghost teacher through Aadhar linking, this ratio has worsened further. Let's have a quick analysis on how many qualified teachers are required and how many we have!!
MHRD has set a very tough target of 1:10 for universities & colleges.
If our country wants to achieve it let's say today we shall need additional 16.7lacs assistant professors.  
Some of you might say it is the very tough target to achieve. Let's look at following chart which tells that you need 6.9 lac additional teacher as on today to achieve the ratio of 1:15 even!
 Let's analyze the possible scenario 10 years later i.e. in 2028. Student enrollment will increase by 20%(approx) in ten years and 30%(approx) of currents teachers will be retired by 2028. Considering this, we shall require appointing of  additional 26.39lacs teachers by 2028 in our colleges & universities to get 1:10. 

India will require additional 14.53lacs teacher in order to reach around 1:15 even.
Is it within reach? Do we have qualified teachers to appoint?
Not as of now, not even to fill little fraction of them! Eligibility to become teachers is  NET after postgraduation with PhD degree(Not mandatory but desirable as per newly drafted UGC guidelines). Let's say we can manage 50% of teachers without a PhD degree, even then we will require 8.35lac PhD degree holder as of now to achieve 1:10 and similar no of postgraduate with NET! but we don't have either of them! Only 25K PhD degree(approx) are being awarded every year. We require additional 13.195 lac PhD degree holder by 2028 to have 50% teachers (1:10) with  PhD. With current rate, we shall be having only 2.5 lac! 
To have these 10.7 lac additional (4.7 lac in case of 1:15) PhD holder, we need huge investment(at least triple of current % of GDP for Higher Education) by Govt. in research sector both infrastructure wise and human resources as well!  It is a tough task and will require hard political "will" but I am hopeful! To appoint such huge no of faculty even spread over a decade or two decades, we will also require some sort of central body to monitor the whole recruitment process! India also need to attract huge no of  international student to do PhD here by offereing better facility and fellowship and similar goes for faculty positions as well.
I hope, Governments of India(Central, state even Private sector) will seriously look for practical solutions(above politics) to achive their dream because "Padhega India, Tabhi to Badhega India". If one do similar analysis for school education, the situation will be worse!!!
Spread the word and comments your views on way of solving this problem!