Delhi Markaz and Corona: Stupidity, Crime and Ignorance for sure but not "Jihad" | you may skip this due to your prejudice

Let me start this article by saying that I have no intention to encourage  "Islamophobia" or justify the actions of Markaz authorities or govt authorities. But you may choose not to read further.  

Prevention of corona demands physical distancing, but religion runs on to bring people together that too in masses.

Due to this opposite nature, religious activities have played a very significant role in the spread of the virus. Many of them do think that their Gods(read God associated with your religion) will save you from the virus at any cost, but they forget that God doesn't save someone for their own mistakes. Before I start about Delhi Markaz's story, let me point out that one such Jamat gathering organized in Feb is held responsible for spreading the virus in six countries, including Malaysia. 
Let me start with a Press note issued by Markaz to defend themselves.

 The above press note didn't talk about the violation of the 12th March govt order of self-quarantine of the international traveler. It also violated the 13th March Delhi govt order, which prohibited the events having more than 200 people. In short, the press note tried hard to hide all the things they did wrong.
In fact, the press note did mention in the second paragraph that the ongoing program discontinued on the day when Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi announced Janta Curfew. That indicates that Markaz did violate all the orders of Delhi govt for seven days i.e., 13th March-19March.
Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) shared details of foreign and Indian Tabhlig Jamaat (TJ) workers in India with all States on March 21, 2020, after COVID-19 positive cases among these workers surfaced in Telangana. MHA also said that about 1746 persons were staying in Hazrat Nizamuddin Markaz aon March 21. Of these, 216 were foreigners, and 1530 were Indians. 
There have been various reports that police and other officials did talk with Markaz authorities to evacuate the building and quarantine. But in the absence of cooperation, even NSA Ajit Doval had to visit Markaz to convince them for the same on 28-29 Midnight.
Even Delhi police have released a video of one of such requests (which was not first) to Markaz authorities.

In our country, police, and authorities afraid to take swift actions if it is related to any religious issues else it wouldn't have taken 10days to kept on requesting for the evacuation of the Markaz building 
Things didn't stop here, Maulana Saad have also seen saying a statement like "don't hear what doctor says" and blah blah. Unfortunately, people who have attended and already gone to various places across the country, are not self-reporting to authorities so that their lives, their family, and their community/area/town lives can be saved. It had also come to notice that police have been attacked by people when police went to Madhubani for tracing the people related to Markaz.  
Yes, I am against the generalization of ignorance/crime/stupidity committed by a few people to the whole community. Therefore, I criticize and demand action against those who are promoting it as #CoronaJihad.  But I'm also against people(with the blue tick) who are defending Markaz authorities and opposing the FIR against Markaz for violation, ignorance, and negligence. There had been various desperate attempts to save Markaz by circulating numerous fake/misleading images/stories saying gathering at Markaz discontinued on 15th March, but that's not true. The press note by Markaz itself stated that they stopped the program on 19th March.
So far, 400+ positive cases and at least 10 deaths have been found across India related to this Markaz. Officers, IB, and police of various states are working on war footing to trace/isolate/test/hospitalize all the people who are directly/indirectly related to this Markaz. 
I have one appeal to all if you can not stop defending them, at least request people related to this Markaz to self-report so that many lives could be saved. 
I also recommend readers watch excellent video show put by Shekhar Gupta on his show #CutTheClutter.