Three Star (*** 3/5) to Modi Sarkar

Earth has completed one rotation in Modi Sarkar  and I am here with my review for this Gvt.!

See I buy lots of electronics item from various online stores and write and read reviews there so I will write my review on 365 Days of Modi Sarkar in that fashion too!

So lets start with pros:
  1. It has successfully implemented the direct subsidy in user account scheme launched in previous version(last UPA Gvt.). Of course, Jan Dhan Yojana Bank Account scheme help  in achieving this!
  2. Relations with foreign countries has been good so far (except few Chinese activity in the beginning :P ) with the help of excessive foreign visits of our PM!
  3. For rest pros of this Govt you can search the hashtag #SaalEkShuruaatAnek !

Now its turn for cons:
  1. I am not happy with few features of Land Accusation bill, all other feature of bill are good. " Farming  land shall been left for farming only".
  2. Petrol prices has been big flaws for this Sarkar. They should have delivered more user friendly prices in the era where crude oil were at its lifetime minimum!
  3. You can say this point as cons or not! actually it is not cons, it was the way to come in power. This Gvt. made some Hyperbolic promises on the issue of Black Money within 100 Days, Article 370 , Employment etc and those have been failed as expected. Now they have been called as "Chunavi Jumla" .
  4. In the field of higher education and research, this Govt. has disappointed us so far with its decision!
  5. There are more but I will not list, you may analyze them as per your need!

I will not write lengthy review(although there is no limit on my this blog as we have on the online store sites) so that user doesn't feel bore while reading in this! I will end this with few more lines as conclusion.

See it has been very less time to rate this product as successful or flop but still it seems promising with almost same pros and cons so 2.5 star seems good for this Govt.. And with few seats less in Rajya Sabha, we can give the benefit of doubt to it!

So I give " Three Star to Modi Sarkar" (3/5)