Hike In Rail Fare & promise to improve Facilities

Economical situation of Indian Railway is very bad!! Everyone knows it.
only passengers are responsible for it!!
Is hiking the fare only solution for this??
In last two years railway fare has been increased several times and promised to improve security, facilities etc.. But result we all know very well situation of passenger in a train in  India.. It is almost same as It was 5 year back!!!!
Now they have increased it again !!
I am not blaming any government or political party.But I must say , at time of election : “Give us vote, then  we will give development to you, better days to you.. ballaahaa ballaahhh..”
But on other side : We are increasing fare so that we can give better facility to you after 1 or 2 year…
NETA JI, Vote pahle do fir devlop karenge, auar yahan paisa pahle mang rahe ho fir facility doge!!!
First of all, Indian railway should give facilities then seek for fare hike…
wi-fi laga nahi train me hum uska paisa pahle se hi dene lage !! Hum bewkoof h kya!!!
Security, ye to pahle se hi railway ka farz tha jo wo dhang se nibha na saki aur ab bolte h ki agar security chahiye to aur paisa do!!!
If economical situation of railways is not good, they why is railways  increasing the salary of its employees every year at high rate!!! Why railway give concession and passes to its employee.. They earn enough and they can afford full fare.. But no railway will throw own burden on you, me, us, public…   If they can take some hard steps for these things and control corruption in railways  they can increase the profit of railway by 20 to 25 %  then there will be no need of 14-15% of fare hike!!!
Why not railway charge extra fare on ticket booked  on HEAD OFFICE QUOTA.If they just doubled the fare  of said quota then income can be increased by 2-3 % as in every train there are 2-10% head office quota!!
Why they can not decrease the allowance given to employee to improve its situation..no they only want to loot us and distribute among themselves!!
Please keep in mind by employees I don’t mean railway low class workers!
I strongly criticize this fare hike!! Government should withdraw it immediately and look into alternative to improve its situation.
You think!! Am I wrong! Please comment below your views and share if you like!
I am also attaching a picture of  conversation  have on this issue with my one friend over a social media site. Must see it.