Ancounter of FYUP without any trial by various political systems like ABVP,NSUI,MHRD,UGC,DUTA etc!!!!

Before I start writing my main things below, I want to make clear that I am not yes man of DU VC or  Sibbal lead previous  MHRD or any political parties and system stated as in title. All the views given below are 100% personal. Please don't take it on your heart if it hurts you. Please pardon me if my this post defame any politician or political system. I apologue you all in advance for that. My English is not good as your  so bear my mistakes in language.All information mentioned below is true to my personal knowledge.

"There was a golden glass filled with water. Some impurities are in that water. What will you do?..
Do you filter that water and then drink or
you will throw the water with glass to the dustbin..."
Yes, you have thrown the water with golden glass to the dustbin by deleting FYUP in University of Delhi.
Let me give you some points (these are not arranged ,just fruits of my mind one after another)
1. It is heard from those political system that FYUP was against national policy of education 10+2+3.In 4-5 institutes in India, 4 year undergraduate courses are running already.
2. After DU new Proposal of giving honours in 3 year and honours wd research in 4 year, they(political systems) changed their stand and started saying : "Duration was not our issue, Course contents was our issue"
3. As I remember a student union claimed that they had a referendum from 50000+ students in August 2013, 80% were against FYUP. Were all of 50K+ students are fresher (students of FYUP) , even if yes, why not they or UGC or political systems conduct fresh referendum only from students those have completed 1 year  in FYUP. Why HRD heard voices of protest lead by irrelevant students ( I doubt that in any protest against FYUP, there were 10% FYUP students).
4.They had major problems with FOUNDATION COURSES. They could struggle to improve it but they did not, Why only they can answer.
5.They have ignored dozens of benefit of FYUP over few drawbacks. Instead of repairing a house they broke the house.
6.If a student was getting BTech by just spending 8000 -20000 per year, what they(political system) were loosing. Some said It was not approved by AICTE but I think UGC approval is enough for B.Tech. course in India now. They might have few problems with course they can seek a improvement. Various times in various universities courses had improved or modified. But no, they only wanted to deleted it .for what I don't know.
7.Opitional 4 year could be great for 20 to 30 % of students for various purposes as for science students, 4 yr. undergraduate can directly do PhD from various IITs, IISc , IISERs and TIFR etc. They could have visit abroad. And many more, but no one cared!!!
8. DC-II was awesome feature of FYUP. Students were getting to study some other area of own interest. DC-II was also enabling students to join various master courses(even after exiting at 3rd year) in either DC-I or DC-II. For 12th passed student, who was not getting admission in his/her most strong or favourite subject due to less marks in board exams had a option that he could have taken admission in less favourite subject and study his/her subject as DC-II. But no one saw it. Was everyone blind to see it!!
9.Contract with NSDC was going to help students if not much then little bit.
10. Feature of student presentation was improving skills of a student.
11. Laptops were helping students in their study ie programming papers, ppts etc.
There are thousand of words in my mind to come out but I stop here and put you on think!!
Are they(political systems) won this fight really. If they think yes then NO comments on them. They understood themselves very well.
I request you to share it to max and help me so that it can reach to few of those political systems. May be they can think more critically on further issues than politically as they do almost every time.
Thanks to them for throwing a golden glass just to have drinking water from hand pump.