Against Four Year Undergraduate Program : Must read it.

Now a days, Student unions of university of Delhi are protesting again University of Delhi officials and demanding withdraw of FYUP!!
    Many students also think that FYUP is not good. I have seen few reasons written on banners of those unions.
1. Wastage of Money and Time!!
     They are claiming that student will waste now one more year and money too!! But perhaps they have forgotten that in FYUP, you can leave the course even after three year with graduate degree and you can do MSc, MA, M.Com etc. Yeah and if you want to study advanced topics then you can continue in 4th year. After having 4 year degree you will have bright future ahead specially study in abroad. In fact University of Delhi is thinking to offer 1 year postgraduate degree for students having 4 year degree.  And one more thing, even many old students with 3 year degree waste their one more year in coaching and preparation to get admission in post graduate courses so now they may enjoy 2 trial for those examination without dropping/breaking their education, one in their 3rd year(If you get selected leave the course and join your postgraduate ) and if not you can continue 4th year and preparation also and get admission even in abroad.

And except your DC-I or main subject, you can choose any other subject of your own interest to study as DC-II. That mean student pursuing B. Com hons can also study physics .. This will enable more option to student for their higher study.

So who don't like 4 year degree, you can leave after 3 year. No one will stop you.

2.   "Bakwaas" Foundation Courses !!
           First I want to tell you what are subjects in foundation course so you can think and decide :

01.Language, Literature, and Creativity – I

02.Language, Literature, and Creativity – II (English)

03.Information Technology

04.Business, Entrepreneurship, and Management

05.Science and Life

05.History of Science (for Visually Impaired students)

06.Indian History and Culture

07.Building Mathematical Ability

07.Mathematical Awareness (for Visually Impaired students)

(b) Applied Language Course – (one course)

(a) Courses (Second Year):

08.Governance and Citizenship

09.Philosophy, Psychology, Communication and Life Skills

10.Geographic and Socio-Economic Diversity

11.Environment and Public Health


So now you think : Are these courses useless!!
Having knowledge of one more language is useless!!
Having knowledge of governance, citizenship, environment, Communication skills are useless!!
Mathematical ability can help you in cracking various entrance exams like cat mat IAS PCS etc...
Some knowledge of Indian history is bad!!
Knowledge of IT, business management are bad!!

If your answer is YES!!
Then either you are master in these or these things are useless for you..
It may be possible that some students are good in these subjects already but university has made a common syllabus for every student from all over India.
A student who don't know Hindi, and He/She can get a  chance to study a practical Hindi !! How it can be useless!!

Think and decide!!!

3. Lack of faculty and infrastructure
              This was only one reason written in those banners that have little bit sense to make. These things can be solved in near future. Those union can demand to improve this. But demand of withdraw of FYUP is totally non sense.

Above post is totally writer's personal view. It has no relation with any university official, political parties and unions.