Fight for ACTs, NOT for VIEWs

I am writing this blog in aspect of things happening in Delhi these days especially in POLITICS.I am simple student like my other friends. I have seen the GAME of world only for 20 years and few days since my birth. It will not be wrong to comment, “Mostly I have seen fights for VIEWS not for ACTS. “

                We all think that is right, that is good, that seems charming and usually finds contradiction to others in our views. Rather than respecting the views of others, We start fighting to make other to be agree on our views and forget that opposition also want to do same (To show you down):P

                Now let’s return on current politics going in our country especially in Delhi. There is huge debate going among people of Delhi even outsiders of Delhi. Everyone is trying to prove that his favourite party is right and others is wrong even in my friends group. I should thanks the fight of my friends to make me inspired to write this funny blog. Supporters or lover or followers or “we” are just involved in proving others wrong. I am not saying that it is wrong. It’s good for INDIA. At least we have started talking on politics. That’s big change happened in last few months. Without being the supporter of any party, I would like to give full credit of it to AAP. In my life, I have only seen new parties as product of nuclear fission (A big element divides into two smaller elements) :P that there were no genuine new comers. I don’t know how much they (AAP) are honest or right but when we have given our trust to others so what is wrong in giving a chance to a new comer.

                Let’s come on the point of taking support of enemy, I don’t know what realty is. But what I thinks: ‘Re-election is never a good option neither for country nor for us’. Who likes to sit in exam again and again? We can’t get things always as per we think in life. We learn to compromise our needs, ego etc. according to situations. That’s why we (human) are sustained on this earth.

I don’t want to make this too big to read so I quit it and just want to convey “Fight for ACTs , NOT for VIEWs”.