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The SP Annotate is committed to bring data based blogs,articles and videos on social and educational issues. We try to uncover hidden insights of various issues for example gender balance in higher education, caste-ism & reservation in education, problems of rural India, reality of "unhealthy" girls of India, ranking of institutions and hidden truth behind scores and placement etc.

Let's list few of our work:

Article on ground reality of MGNREGA in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is one off the largest employer under MGNREGA in India, but how many people gets benefited with this scheme? Read the article here.

Video on reality of IITs Placements

  Know the reality of Top five IITs placements.

Video on World's Top Universities ranking

 Which ranking is better? QS or Times Higher Education or NIRF ranking?

Article on Anemia problem in India specially among girls

Are you anemic? India has large prevalence of anemic problem among girls. Read this article to know about it in detail

Video on gender balance and casteism in Higher Education

How much India have changed in last 15 years in terms of gender equality and casteism in Higher Education? Watch this video to know in detail.

Article on girls enrollment in Higher Education

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