Sunday, May 17, 2020

Adjusted Recovery Rate of COVID-19 patients in Indian states| Updated Daily

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Adjusted Recovery Rate(ARR) which is calculated as the ratio of total recovered people to total confirmed cases 14days back. Usually, COVID cases are confirmed with 1-14 days of delays from actual infection, and it takes about 14-28 days for a person to recover from the COVID from the exact infection date. Therefore, we decided to consider 14 days. We caution that ARR for few states could be more than 100% as recorded data talk about days of confirmed cases, not actual days of infection. So patients can recover earlier than 14 days from the confirmed date. The ARR beautifully takes care of the death rate without talking about death. The HIGH ARR may also indicate better health care facilities and preparedness to tackle COVID patients in a particular state. We have analyzed the ARR for various countries too. 
Today we try to present the ARR curves of Indian states as well.
You may look at the below interactive graph and touch at any point to know the exact ARR of particular states on a day.

We may have the following takeaways from the above ARR curves.
  1. The ARR curves for Kerala and Haryana looks impressive, almost study near to 100%.
  2. Tamil Nadu, with low ARR at the start, is doing fine now.
  3. The situation of Maharashtra and Punjab is very worrisome, their ARR has remained around 50% and not improving much.
  4. Odisha has seen ups-down in the curve but has not fallen much.
  5. Gujarat, MP, Delhi, and UP has seen improvement after fall or low start. 
  6. Bihar was doing well but now seems to fall in the curve.
  7. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, J&K, and Telangana have also seen rise in ARR curves.   
One may also look at our daily updated ARR curves for various countries

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