Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Reservation : Make it Successful

Today, I am here with some amazing fact to solve the problem of Reservation in India.
Please read it carefully!
Today, there are 4 crore SC, 1.7 crore ST and 5.5 crore OBCNCL families(Without any govt Job based on reservation) in India.
It means there are 11.2 Crore families which didn't get real benefit of reservation even after 69years of Independence of country.

There are almost 8* crore post
of jobs in Govt related department currently (either they are filled or vacant). 2 crore employee will retire in next 15 years.So there will be almost 7 crore jobs vacant based on current job positions. If Govt (state and central together) can create additional 1* crore jobs per year then almost 22*crore job will be there in next 15 years(1.47crore per year).

So we will have 11 crore jobs for reserved category as per current reservation system. Retain it as it is!
Just make that "Only One Successful benefit per family"(families which I have talked above- did  not get real benefit yet) will be given now onwards. Then there will be NO Family from Reserved Category without a Govt Job by 2031.
After then Remove this reservation system.
If you want any political govt can remove it, they will never do due to votebanks. Socially it can only be removed by inter-cast marriage, but that will not happen soon in India(atleast by 2050 even).
But if Govt works on "One Successful Benefit per Family" in planned way, India can be reservation free by 2031.
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All data mentioned here based on average calculation done on data available sources from Internet. It may differ from actual.
©Sachin Pandey
* This should include any govt running job oriented training/skill programe in which reservation is provided and enable people to get a job.

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