Sunday, March 16, 2014

To claim to be perfect is just Nonsense!

Hello friends! How are you? Happy HOLI to you all.Here I have come up with my new blog.In this I am going to talk about myself, you, politician(Indirectly as it is season of election)..

First of all definition of “perfect” varies person to person, things to things, place to place or in Scientific language you can say it’s different in every frame.Ideally there is nothing like “perfect”.There is no one 100% honest, No one speaking just 100% truth, No one who has never hurt any one! No one who has never cheat themselves or any other!

In the race of success, Calming of being perfect or number 1 has  become very traditional these days with unorthodox styles! The time a thought (which is bad according to your lifestyles or principle ) comes in your mind, you lost the “perfectness ”.

Let’s talk about student (including myself), Have thoughts of getting answer from somehow in any exam when you don’t know not come to your mind? It’s different things that you might have controlled yourself on the basis of your ethics! Don’t you or I wish to get better or same marks in exam once we get good marks? After having 100 Rs, Don’t you wish to have more? After getting famous in your friends for some of your hidden ability , don’t you want to explore that to world?

Here a thief (in your own definition)  is hidden in every one. How much one can control, it is million dollar question!

Now let me correlate this with politics that has been become our favorite topic of discussion due to Lok Sabha Election 2014 where corruption is one of the main issue of all political parties. All are claiming they are neat and clean and blaming everything other than themselves!  

So now our job has become more crucial, where to go whom to vote, who is perfect!

Answer is “No one is perfect, not even we!”. But we have to vote and so find better candidates in your area vote them. Happy HOLI and Happy elections to all!

Before concluding this article , I just want to remember a famous “Doha” by Great poet Rahim :-

बुरा जो देखन मैं चला,  बुरा  ना  मिलया  कोय ।

जों दिल खोजा आपना ,तो मुझसे बुरा ना कोय।।

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