Sunday, March 9, 2014

LS2014 : Suspense, Thriller, Drama & Climax= Full entertainment?

Election Commission has announced the releasing dates of LS2014 in our country.It seems that “LS2014” is going to defeat all other TV serials, movie, and cricket matches in terms of TRP.According to EC, Huge % of participation of people of India in LS2014 is highly expected.

LS2014 is going to be totally different from LS2009 or LS2004.Every star is presenting himself in new Avatar. All are calming that they are going to be superstar of people! They are promoting themselves in various places daily with Great Dialogues , Promises, Criticizing others stars.This time social media like Facebook is also one of the platforms of their promotions.Many of them has innovated new ideas.Someone is meeting “HAND” to Hands,someone having “Tea” with others, someone has become “Sweeper”.In same movie, every performer is fighting with each other to be best!

Theme of LS2014 is going to be “Corruptions”,”Unemployment”, “Women Security”, “Poverty” and other critical issues.Although Budget of LS2014 is very limited as informed by EC, but it is expected that there will be huge use of “black Money” in promotions of performer.

Whoever wins the best performer award of LS2014 on 16th may, surely  it is going to entertain us very much.I also recommend you to participate in it and contribute to nation by rating LS2014.There are very tough fights so your support(Vote) will matter a lot! So be their on releasing dates(Voting Dates) in your respective poling areas and Vote!

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